Sinking Into The Earth

Kiss Me

Kiss me
make it go away
kiss me kiss me
make it stay

the day comes down
low and long
in sigh and ache of what is wrong
rush in dark burn of night
coupled on the floor
with everything right

kiss me
like the whiskey does
like trembling hands
and slaughtered doves
kiss me
wet on wet
kiss me like the end
of debt

kiss me like
that finger skin
kiss me until
my eyes break in
dissolve my thoughts
and find my sin

kiss me
like you forget
what I’ve asked
of you
touch me
like you’ve never been
and never knew

take me down
to the edge of the place
where what we are
takes on
a face

kiss me
the way dreams
pour through
kiss me like all you said
was true

it began with a letter
and ends with the word
of everything done
and everything heard

we die all day
like this
we are born
from what we miss
in the wake
of the kiss