This one of my last days
with the dogs
this is one of my last
days hanging over
the wall
in the avenue of the crows
and the sun baked

there is an ocean
and there is somewhere
I dare to take us
where you are yearning
to hear the orchestra
in your brain
in your body
as you lay it
across this chair
pretending not to be seen
and saying this
is one of the last days of it
before everything is different
before we change

I am there and before all at once
I am lost in the moving cars
I am crying out for you
and pried apart
and don’t know how to tell
or if it matters

ecstasy can’t be constant
and we wouldn’t want it
to be
for lack of something
to compare it to
but I can’t help search for it
in your eyes
in your voice
like an urge coming up
like a wave

  1. cc says:

    ecstasy is the feeling of passing through fear.

  2. N says:

    only 2 more weeks. maybe the new tennants will “eliminate those dogs” (and possibly the next door neighbors as well)