A Flake of Your Life

The dream ends
but its experience
like fingers
to a scar
like the place
you treated her to it
what was in her eyes then
what is there now

a perfect offering
for the light coming
through the crack
I am coming
for the light
bursting through it
into the throttle of day
into the broken eternity that everything will be

into the straps you undo
and tie up again
into a bow
into a perfect morality
into a deeply authentic life

there is no cure
for love
there is no cord to tie
these two rivers together
only a strip of land reclaimed
from the sea
from erosion
where we met
where we walked
where the water comes up
to divide us
where you keep the trouble you took
in a box
in an edge
of this room where you wait
for a love you already found.