Elephant Land

stay green for me
I need to pass through
I need your mercy like a body needs to be touched
by another

don’t make me wait
in the torture of possibility
these buildings and this time
goes by
slowly but it does
and seconds are a universe
of not having you

I am trying to forget
I am trying to let the light in
it is the same idea
but a different part
that I want

in the ever was
I just try to smile

but buses and dreams
and return
and that letter you wrote
I can never write back
I drive into it
its not the same as it was
the first time
or yesterday
every day is a collision
of the naked past
and your face

and all my unfinished love affairs
are hung along the wall in front of me
like a tapestry
of mourning
and adoration

and all your absence
adds up
and figures
in my little book

and at night
I stand up
and throw it against the wall