Sinking Into The Earth

I Made the Holes In the Night

Where the light doesn’t reach
there is only the future

I made the holes in the night
I dressed the ghosts
that haunt the alley of the morning

I have nothing left but everything
and a barrel
where I keep your ancient loveliness
so I can drink what pieces
are left
when the politeness of the sun
falls away
exposing the gentle wreckage
of possibility

I am fashioning
a scaffolding
for when
my heart
cannot hold itself

for when the angels
don’t talk back
for when I forget
all of this

and the mice come
looking for the food you’ve left
scurrying across the telephone wires
between this building
and the one behind it
like minions
to the devils
under the black clouds

I made the holes
in their eyes
in my voice
in your guise

I made the dream
that hides from me
and the weights
that tether my ankles
to the ground

I made the mirror
where I lose you
and the desert
where we find ourselves
expecting to find
each other

this place
where I always
wanted to be
I don’t recognize
but remember somehow

after all of it
after surveying
a landscape of craters
and the binds
of love

against a tunnel of ones
that were

I made it
you made it

and none of it
will ever be the same

and I will keep it
and hold them
the holes in the night
like one empty richness

like some great treasure.