Love With A Thousand Faces

Day Slight

Night and bottle after
tomb of dark where
we plunder hours
I know all your secrets
but we still wonder
which of us holds the gun
that haunts love
the gun that is the memory
of being owned
and of breaking

you don’t have to say a word
it has been a day
and the whole world
has changed
an earth that has flipped
and made itself over
is one of new laws
and inverted roads

and what we were used to
seems as strange
as the feeling that you felt
for the lovers you’d rather forget
were ever in your bed
were ever in your intimate heart

and what it had done
to your trust of words
to your picture of love
to the many faces
of your lips

and I watch
for the thief
and you watch
like both of us
but he hasn’t come
in a long time
and when he does
you’ll recognize him

I only ever wanted love
you only ever wanted love
to blur the line
between work and fantasy
to make them the same
to make the world
without guns